A Failed Experiment

Austin Dispatches No. 229 Jan. 22, 2021

A conversation with a co-worker inspired me to add vanilla extract to mask coffee's bitterness. The prices in the supermarket spice aisle almost quashed the experiment before it started. I later learned that price has risen noticeably in recent years. I found the blend itself unsatisfactory. The coffee flavor overwhelmed the vanilla, in contrast to teas and colas. Therefore, I'll continue to consume coffee with cream and sugar.

In Spite of It All (Best of 2020)

A. Miscellaneous

Woke protein energy bars

B. Television

  1. Family Guy. Fox.

  2. The Simpsons. Fox.

  3. South Park. Comedy Central.

C. Film

  1. The Banker. Romulus Entertainment/Hyphenate Films/Iam21 Entertainment/Mad Hatter Films.

  2. Fei Lung Gwoh Gong (Enter the Fat Dragon). Bona Film Group/Bullet Films/Mega-Vision Pictures (MVP)/Sun Entertainment Film Group.

  3. Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful. Lupa Film/Monarda Arts.

  4. On the Rocks. A24/American Zoetrope.

D. Publishing

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  6. Block, Lawrence. Dead Girl Blues. Newberry, S.C.: LB Productions.
  7. The James Bond Archives, 2nd rev. ed. Ed. Paul Duncan. Cologne, Germany: Taschen.
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E. Audio

  1. AC/DC. Power Up. Columbia.
  2. Aitken, Laurel. Skinhead Train: The Complete Singles Collection 1969-1970. Pressure Drop.
  3. Alexander, Monty. Love You Madly: Live at Bubba's. Resonance.
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  26. Blues Bash! and Dance With Duke Robillard & Friends. Stony Plain.
  27. Bossacucanova, and Roberto Menescal. Bossa Got the Blues. Six Degrees.
  28. The Brecker Brothers. Live and Unreleased. Piloo.
  29. The Brides of Funkenstein. The Complete Atlantic Recordings. Wounded Bird.
  30. Bryant, Don. You Make Me Feel. Fat Possum.
  31. Buford, Mojo. Mojo Workin'. Sundazed Music/Modern Harmonic.
  32. Byford, Biff. School of Hard Knocks. Silver Lining Music.
  33. Camarão Orkestra. Nação África. Favorite Recordings.
  34. Castro, Joe. Passion Flower (for Doris Duke). Sunnyside.
  35. CeeLo Green Is Thomas Callaway. BMG/Easy Eye Sounds.
  36. Céu [Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças]. APKÁ! Six Degrees/Slap/Urban Jungle.
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Notes in the Margin

Mary Mahoney, longtime reader and former co-worker to me and Miss KT, died Dec. 15 -- the obituary omitted cause of death. We at Austin Dispatches will miss her.

Business Roundup

Christmas gift-buying lead to my first experience ordering booze online, for shipment across state lines. Take that, Carry Nation.

An Austin company at the center of an international cyberattack is one that failed to hire me years ago. If only the company had decided wisely, it might've avoid this bad publicity.

Neighborhood News

KXAN's traffic Web page reported collisions at Braker Lane and Metric Boulevard on Dec. 9, at United Drive and Industrial Terrace on Dec. 29, and at MoPac Expressway at Duval Road on Jan. 11.

Ownership of Mighty Fine Burgers has changed hands. Four businesses have opened and one has closed.

Media Indigest

The newsroom staffs at the Statesman and six community papers intend to unionize.

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