Defying the cold drizzle of the night, Miss KT and I graced The Syndicate on New Year's Eve to ring in the real millennium1 in swanky style. Miss KT, stunningly soignée in her sheath dress, black pumps, and antique jewelry, was the envy of every other woman in the club.

Music Notes

The Dec. 29 Austin Chronicle denotes the waning of the blues scene in Austin as reflected in the vitality of the regular Monday Night Blues Jam at Antone’s.2 In a similar vein, The Edge Magazine's Dec. 2000 issue declares ska’s third wave has crested.3 Meanwhile, Talk magazine’s Dec. 2000 cover proclaims “Bing Crosby is Hip.” Un-buh-buh-buh-believ-a-buh-buh-ble.

Live, I recently saw jazz pianist McCoy Tyner perform at the One World Theatre.4 I’d say he tickled the ivories, but that cliché is inaccurate: Tyner gave them chiropractic treatment.

The Hole Story

A new Krispy Kreme franchise opened the first week in December, along Highway 183 (Research Boulevard).5 Business appears to be brisk, though local interest seems far more restrained than the reaction in Phoenix last year.6 There, the hype surrounding the new doughnut shop eclipsed the new Star Wars movie, and lengthy lines still persisted for a box of glazed when I moved away months later. That may say more about Phoenix sophistication than about the doughnuts. They are tasty, though.


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