Austin Dispatches No. 232 March 28, 2021

The snow melted away, but Travis County remains buried under a statist firn.1 The anti-coronavirus lockdown the local power elite has imposed upon us for more than a year is just the newest layer, obscuring the damage wrought by decades of wrong policies.

For example, the March 12 Chronicle cheers the Austin City Council's formal apology to blacks for disenfranchising them through land-use regulation and zoning, and urban renewal programs.2 However, both organizations refrained from going further and abjuring such governmental tools of oppression and inequality.3

Perhaps a century hence, the Council will insufficiently apologize for imposing the lockdown. For now, Austin's power elite, and those it's bamboozled, are resisting the state's re-liberalization.

March 2, Gov. Greg Abbott ended the statewide lockdown and mandatory face diapers that he originally imposed.4 Abbott wouldn't have done even that much without persistent resistance by many Texas Republicans.5 For all their faults, they have a better grasp than he of what makes Texas great and how to keep it that way.6 Like his predecessor, E.J. Davis, Abbott needs a swift kick in the ass after being expelled from office.7

The county's bien-pensants reacted predictably.8 Unfortunately, too many businesses and private citizens throughout the metro area shared similar reactions, instead of clamoring to resume their free lives.9 The businesses must be too busy begging for government handouts, instead of correcting the crap service from their employees.10 A Democratic Socialist cell masterminded a pro-mask protest at the Capitol on March 9.11 This means the grocery chains that still require masks to enter their stores are in cahoots with socialists.12

The March 20 Statesman reports the power elite grappling with how to reopen.13 Interestingly, other polities didn't have such difficulties. They just reopened.14 For now, the power elite is trying to dodge Texas' re-liberalization by delegating authority to the unelected Mark Escott, acting Public Health authority, and the rules he imposed upon us more than a year ago.15 Austin's mayor and the Travis County judge "have no power to force Escott to change his rules, although they could replace him as health authority were they so inclined. Changing the enforcement ordinance would require a Council vote at a public meeting," according to the March 19 Chronicle.16

The Public Health quacks, the county commissioners, the councilmen, the University of Texas administration,17 and the teachers of the Austin Independent School District18 continue to insist the anti-pandemic measures work and must remain in place. However, Austin Dispatches has conveyed the continuing peer-reviewed critiques by credentialed medical professionals -- including at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- of such measures for almost as long.19 In short, no, those measures don't work. If Escott weren't so busy wasting taxpayers' money, he might actually learn some real health information from his colleagues.

Tellingly, the power elite's publicly expressed concerns about the virus haven't stopped it from doing what it wants regarding increased urban density,20 increased mass transit,21 dumping street bums in the suburbs,22 and inaugurating the soccer stadium,23 all vectors that undercut social distancing measures, according to what medical bureaucrats have told us.

Not even a state lawsuit has dislodged their petrified thinking.24 " 'Adler will never do the right thing on his own,' " said Attorney General Ken Paxton.25

For his part, the mayor continues to turn himself into a punchline. A legislator has proposed renaming the stretch of Interstate 35 between Fourth and 11th streets "the Steve Adler Public Restroom Highway," because of the street bums infesting the area.26

The main established local newspapers could boost their reputations with in-depth exposes of the aforementioned and all the continuing pre-pandemic boondoggles and maladministration, obscured by the coronavirus coverage that's just beginning to wane.27 That is, if the papers weren't staffed with millenarian pinkos and unionized time-servers.28

Business Roundup

The Business Journal has instead used the pandemic as an opportunity to write features about adjustments to work practices no journalist would deem newsworthy otherwise: E.g., "Each weekday morning, Joe Smith gulps coffee at his residence before driving his vehicle through commuter traffic to his workplace at a generic office park, where he attends meetings, looks at a computer screen at his cubicle, and drinks more coffee."

But the enforced social distancing has increased the prevalence of telecommuting, providing a new "angle" for reporters to write about Joe Smith's routine. To its credit, the Sep. 4 Business Journal quoted a contrarian developer:

I don't like and I don't appreciate when people speak with a vengeance on "Everything is going to change, things are never going back to what they were and people are going to work from home forever," he said. That, to me, is simply not fair. Nobody has a crystal ball. At the end, we're all creatures of habit.29

Unfortunately, such feature articles contribute to the normalization of officialdom’s medically and financially questionable practices. Furthermore, now that many more people can and do work remotely, the media has began writing features about the dissatisfactions of telecommuting. The practice isn't really a complete solution, and contributes to what businessman Peter Thiel terms "misalignment."30 Under the circumstances, "remote" really means our chances of working again.31

Meanwhile, the first 3D-printed houses are offered for sale in East Austin. However, they cost $400,000 each, which forfeits the price competitiveness such houses were supposed to offer.32 Then again, with the dearth of available houses, the builders can get away with it.33 Perversely, the power elite's policies will ultimately staunch the influx of newcomers, once they finally wise up, and then house prices might drop.

Neighborhood News

A faulty power strip sparked an apartment complex fire at Metric Boulevard and Rundberg Lane on March 17.34 KXAN's traffic Web page reported collisions at Metric and Rundberg Lane on March 9, at Highway 183 and Burnet Road on March 15, and at Duval Road and MoPac Expressway and at Metric and Energy Drive on March 24.

Sidewalks along Burnet between Braker and Kramer lanes are under construction.35

Ownership of Mighty Fine Burgers Fries & Shakes has changed hands.36 P. Terry's has raised its minimum wage.37 One business has opened and one has relocated to the neighborhood.38

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