Bad People With Wrong Thoughts Causing Trouble

Austin Dispatches No. 226 June 22, 2020

e226fig1Fittingly, the Austin Symphony Orchestra canceled this year's Independence Day concert and fireworks. Ostensibly, the symphony did so because of continuing coronavirus concerns.1 But since the local power elite ̶ indeed, Austin's contemporary ethos  ̶  is so increasingly at odds with the Spirit of '76, the ASO might as well dispense with the pretense.2 Incidentally, the Austin Symphony and Austin Opera fired a trombonist for expressing pro-Trump and anti-black protester sentiments on social media, publicly denounced her, and erased evidence of her existence on their Web sites.3

Instead, varieties of statists in a three-way fight for control of Austin provide the fireworks.4 As of this issue, the proletarians (radical protesters) and managerialists (the power elite) have the enforcers (the police) in pincers. The proletarians fight the cops over racially tinged police violence; the City Council votes to cut the Austin Police Department budget, halt hiring new officers, and otherwise assert itself to reverse the APD's gradual trend toward quasi-autonomy.5

The aforementioned varies by detail in other cities in recent weeks.6 Also, speculations abound online as to the ulterior motives behind the factions' actions, whether any given faction is acting of its own volition or being manipulated by other factions or agents provocateurs, and whether the interfactional status or predominance will further shift or stalemate.7

The rest of us face the same fate as the downtown small businesses wrecked and looted by rioters May 30-31.8 So much for police protection. Then again, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled the police aren't required to protect you.9 The Statesman has reported another spike in gun sales  ̶  probably just a coincidence.10

Moreover, while these power struggles have unmasked to the inattentive the factions' true nature, they're urging the rest of us to keep wearing masks, as part of a newly extended coronavirus lockdown to mid-August.11 That's practically coterminous with the start of the annual flu season.12

Bear in mind none of the establishment media reports about the resurgence of coronavirus provide details about which subgroups are more at risk, and why exactly Travis County is experiencing a resurgence when we've been under house arrest and socially distant since mid-March.13 According to a June 16 posting at Texas Scorecard, Travis County has 4,464 confirmed coronavirus cases, or three-tenths of 1 percent, among a total population of 1.27 million people. Of those confirmed cases, 106 ended in death.14

e226fig2Arguendo, let's accept the recurring establishment claims  ̶  which change almost daily ̶ that coronavirus physically threatens more of us than the old and the immunocompromised, for whom we should take precautions personally.15 Regardless, even the Chronicle conceded that the protesters and rioters ignored the antivirus measures, which would prove either a) the official response since March was an tyrannical overreaction when coronavirus infections didn't rise, or b) self-righteous, virtue-signaling proletarians, urged on by the likes of the Chronicle, are hypocritically responsible for the continuing pandemic.16 Unfortunately, the media hasn't yet confirmed the latter is the cause of the resurgence, which nevertheless has provided the power elite an excuse to continue isolating and impoverishing us. With a few pen strokes, the power elite has made every little endeavor, interaction and transaction as arduous as transiting in airports since 9/11.

Such efforts would be worse if not for state government's intercession. Since May, the governor has banned Austin and Travis County from enforcing social distancing measures, i.e., using police to arrest people for ignoring their diktats.17 Consequently, Austin mayor's whined and scolded citizens like a Midwestern Scandinavian when he extended our house arrest June 15.18 This is the same mayor who last year publicly whined about legislative proposals to restrict municipalities’ ability to raise property taxes without an OK from the property owners.19 Steve Adler doesn't need a mask. He needs a muzzle.

City Hall further put the onus of enforcement on businesses that've struggled to stay reopened.20 That suggests the managerialists don't expect cooperation from the police they've been attacking, but how exactly will the businesses enforce the lockdown? Them and what police force? Unless the managerialists plan to use the proletarians against dissenters. If so, that takes us into full-fledged anarcho-tyranny, "a system that ignores such basic duties of government as protecting citizens against crime and dotes instead on criminalizing the innocent."21 What happens as a reaction to that is anybody's guess. Furthermore, the businesses risk additional loss from customers who stay away because they don't want to endure the extra inconvenience. Many renowned establishments that helped make Austin distinctive have already closed because of the lockdown.22

The Chronicle almost gets this when it's lamenting the continued lockdown of the music scene.23 But its editorial staff equally cowers at the idea of reopening the restaurants, clubs and bars to the status quo ante conditions that would allow them to actually flourish ̶ a peculiar contradiction, given their decades of extolling the vectors of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.24

The Chronicalistas, and the City bureaucrats handing out emergency stimulus funds (that you paid for, and will continue to, for at least the next 30 years) probably really do think a distinct local culture is created by government direction and funding, rather than the private efforts of disparate people.25 Even if they suspect otherwise, they'd still rather continue their predecessors' practice, since the New Deal, of cementing their power by disbursing federal largesse.26 Expect the creativity to flow into the applications.27

Beyond cultural businesses, the lockdown caused record unemployment in Travis County.28 The local power elite keeps claiming the lockdown is for our health. A German parliamentary coalition of Social Democrats and Greens, what the local power elite would ape if it could, issued a report in 2001 on unemployment's effects on the individual: "Depressive moods, general dissatisfaction with life, fear, helplessness and hopelessness, low self-esteem, resignation bordering on apathy, a low level of activity, social isolation and loneliness represent the most important symptoms." That "physical symptoms manifest themselves only after some time" is not much consolation. "If unemployment means suffering, mass unemployment means suffering on a massive scale."29

Therefore, to improve our health, the best thing the power elite can do is to end the lockdown and all restrictions, so we can return to work. Any reader of Austin Dispatches, though, knows the people who run this county lack such mental suppleness.

Instead, the City Council's quadrupling down, expressing open hostility to motorists by lowering speed limits on major thoroughfares, closing off side streets, and pushing a scheme to tear up downtown and hike property taxes for disease-spreading mass transit.30 Rather than "flattening the curve," they'll just flatten Austin.31 It's dubious whether we or they can recover from such iatrogenic measures.32 In other words, it's us or them. We need regime change.33

On the Metro

June 11: Whilst walking in Round Rock for exercise and exposure to sunlight for Vitamin D3 generation, I witnessed an ice cream truck cruising through the Sam Bass Trails subdivision  ̶  something I thought only still existed as a laggard pop culture trope.34

Neighborhood News

A water valve replacement required shutting off water to half the apartment complex on June 4.35 Repair work to the railroad crossing shut down Gracy Farms Lane to through traffic from June 7-8.

KXAN-TV's traffic Web page recorded a collision at Rutland Drive and Burnet Road on June 8.

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