Austin Dispatches No. 224 April 13, 2020

e224fig1So I was waiting in the extended supermarket checkout line, and the neighborhood H-E-B sound system played Foreigner's "Urgent."1 Whoever programs the music for these places has an annoying sense of irony.

Amid the shelves stripped, especially of processed foods, paper and cleaning products, I marveled at what remained.2 How'd you like to be the product manager who has to conduct an analysis for his company on why Brand X didn't move during panic buying? "Put that back -- we'd rather starve during a plague than have that in our pantry!"

At least the brewer of Corona beer has the explanation of unfortunately sharing a name with the virus,3 whose pandemic has provided a convenient pretext for jackbooted behavior,4 power grabs,5 looting the commonweal,6 and general immiseration,7 with a gloss of stale World War II rhetoric about how "we're all in this together."8 Keep telling yourself that when a loved one dies of AIDS since the FDA just further loosened restrictions on homosexuals donating blood. Mustn't be "homophobic."9

The winter was my busiest ever for job interviews. Not that prospective clients had yet made the correct decision, to make my bank accounts great again, but I had hope. Until the local authorities imposed de facto house arrest ("shelter in place"), the wording of which just confused people.10 Obviously, that's the latest external factor keeping me unemployed and thus thwarted in life.11 It’s not improving my disposition.

As I watch my account balances drop, and fellow citizens queue like Soviet proles in the cold and rain for toilet paper, disagreements persist among medical professionals about the virus' origin, distinctiveness, symptoms, communicability, susceptibility, lethality, and cure.12 Even if the societal-wide shutdowns and house arrests are medically justified, the social and economic effects are likely iatrogenic. This may be the reckoning we avoided after the 2008 meltdown.

My guess, based on years as a reporter: Officialdom's reaction has been the inverse of what reality merits. If coronavirus were as lethal as many Internet commentators have hoped, government spokesmen would be trying to downplay it. That's what the People's Republic of China did early.13

Perversely, officialdom's anti-coronavirus response may wreck the corporatist, managerial-therapeutic, warfare-welfare state, down to the city level.14

The March 17 shutdown of restaurants, entertainment and nightlife could wipe out a lot of independent businesses that can't be readily replaced.15 Still smarting from the financial loss of the canceled SXSW, the Chronicle announced it'll go to an every-other-week printing schedule, although the Chronicalistas tried to cast it as a heroic hygienic measure.16

The end of bread and circuses also removes a big selling point for Austin. Without that, Austin's just a mid-size, expensive city with bad traffic. Technology companies will have to pay more to attract and keep the workers executives say they want.17

Of course, without these businesses to tax, the Austin power elite lack a lot of revenue to pay for anything.18 The pandemic has halted municipal schemes about increased mass transit and housing density.19 Schools, vectors for statist brainwashing, remain shut down for the foreseeable future.20 The pandemic may even potentially delay opening of the neighborhood soccer stadium.21

Regular Austin Death Watch

Meanwhile, a district court judge ruled in favor of property owners and against Austin's attempted land-use code rewrite, the latest setback in such efforts.22 This should be a sign to Austin's power elite to scrap the rewrite, and indeed, any such laws infringing upon private property rights. Naturally, the power elite chose to appeal the decision.23

The Austin Police Department fired an officer for domestic assault.24

Cultural Canapés

Amid the lockdown, I finally read "Kings of Infinite Space," a second contemporary novel depicting tech writers as clueless, dweeby losers.25 What do these authors know the Society for Technical Communication doesn't?

Journey has fired its founding bassist. So much for job security. Moreover, examination of the reported details reveals the matter has nothing to do with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. It's all about board meetings and contract clauses.26 With this, Journey ascends to the apex of corporate rock.

Neighborhood News

An April 10 collision at Metric Boulevard and Parmer Lane resulted in injuries.27 KXAN-TV’s traffic Web page recorded collisions at Running Bird Lane and Cedar Bend Drive on March 16, at MoPac Expressway and Gracy Farms Lane on March 23, at MoPac and Braker Lane on March 26, at Parmer and MoPac on March 27 and April 10, and at Metric and Parmer on April 2.

Since the last issue, four businesses have opened and one has closed.28

On the Town

March 20: Witnessed the aftermath of a collision at Duval Road and Highway 183.

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