Austin Dispatches No. 193 Nov. 24, 2016

e193fig1The Coming of the Orange Better One

Christmas arrived early, with the Nov. 8 climax to the Best. Election. Ever.[1] And I remember 1980.[2]

Putative presidential frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton spent the current year leaking … embarrassing if not scandalous if not criminal details about every aspect of her existence, and bleeding … support, before getting schlonged on Election Night.[3] Whereupon she burst into tears, then blamed her husband, FBI Director James Comey, and Barack Hussein Obama for her yuge defeat.[4] For once, she might be right, and for once, a man might actually be at fault for a woman’s failure.[5] Although Obama and Bill Clinton both said in the post-mortems that Hillary didn’t listen to their advice.[6] Nevertheless, she’ll have to pay for all the crockery and table lamps she smashed.[7]

Because beyond her views, beyond her agenda, beyond her public record, beyond her personal history, beyond her health, was Clinton’s personality.[8] Everyone old enough to vote has endured at least one schoolteacher like her. Just for that, her occultist campaign staff could’ve summoned Satan and it wouldn’t be enough to overcome the irresistible opportunity to retaliate at the voting booth.[9] Allegedly, at a private meeting with reporters, Huma Abedin, Muzzie factotum and gal pal, tried to prove Clinton wasn’t cold, but when she shoved a rectal thermometer up her butt the mercury froze.[10]

The Election Night upset that was the culmination of her political career has to sting. She might want to put some ice on that.[11]

But don’t get the misimpression that she got what she deserved. No, what she really deserved years ago was to be publically burned at the stake, with the entrails of the last eco-terrorist for kindling.

e193fig2Worse for her, she ran against Donald J. Trump, the greatest wiseass ever to enter politics. The general election was tantamount to Trump impudently saying not only does the would-be empress have no clothes, her bogus tailors even managed to add another 40 lbs. to her frame.[12] Trump, foremost, made the election so entertaining that professional comedians couldn’t top the real antics. Yet in spring 2015, before he announced, if you’d submitted anything that’s actually happened as, say, a sketch comedy premise, it probably would’ve been rejected as too implausible. I wish the election had continued for another six months. Regardless, I’m eagerly anticipating the 2016 race’s book-length exposés.

Trump defied the odds given by experienced political observers, defied major components of the corporatist, managerial-therapeutic warfare-welfare state – the establishments of both major parties in collusion with academia, the media, the bureaucracy, and big business – and defied more political customs and politesse than I can recount.[13] Consequently, we may be living through the end of what political scientists term the Sixth Party System.[14] In turn, the power elite and its myrmidons beat on Trump for every conceivable thing, except possibly jaywalking or cannibalism. If I researched enough, I’d probably find those two accusations as well.

Bad enough Trump, a disaffected outer member of the power elite, beat its best efforts to stop him.[15] On the hustings, he inflicted serious damage by subjecting its members to power elite analysis that appealed to “Middle American radicals.”[16] Most unforgivably, Trump also made them laughingstocks. Ironically, all that makes him, not Obama or Hillary, the best current practitioner of Alinskyite political tactics.[17]

Despite basking in victory, Trump seems to know they won’t forget his campaign rhetoric and there's no going back to palling around with these people at Trump National in Westchester County, N.Y.[18]

As a bonus, the election results aggravated the right people, pinkos and enragés who erupted like a Muslim anchor baby at a fag nightclub.[19] In his Oct. 21 exhortation to vote, Chronicalista Michael King fretted undesirable election results would deprive people like him of “access to national levers of power.”[20] Exactly. They’ve been protesting ever since.[21] For example, college students staged a protest in Central Austin on Nov. 10, when they should’ve been showing up early at day labor sites to do the odd jobs they’re better suited for in life.[22] Somebody has to replace the Mexicans when they leave, and we don’t need more degree holders in critical transgender studies. It’s a future of cleaning septic tanks for you, Tiffany and Brandon.

America’s future may be tragic, but it won’t be dull. Remove kebab!

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