Austin Dispatches
No. 19
July 2000
e19fig4 I marked America's 224th celebration of independence with a mixture of patriotism, commerce, and slack. 

I enjoyed the extra days off, except for having to forego my Jim Rockford-level pay rate for nearly half the week.1 

From the top floor of my apartment complex, I watched three simultaneous fireworks shows above the neon skyline of north Travis County, where warehouses, pawn shops and auto dealers, with five-digit street addresses, vie with scrub and two-lane highways for the landscape.2  

Yet the triple pyrotechnics failed to convey excitement. In that, the most dispirited celebration I can recall, they perfectly represented the holiday spirit in the Bush-Clinton era.3  

Scan the statements from the present administration, or the top-polled aspirants to the Oval Office.4 Seldom among them will you find reference to the principles that informed the Founding Fathers.5

The U.S. power elite6 no longer bothers to invoke liberty even as an empty, hypocrtical and incongruous phrase amid its quickening successions of imperial slaughter7 and ever-increasing domestic tyranny8 Thus do they contribute to the rhetorical tropes for post-Reagan America.9

This season, the mainstream minded must attend the local multiplex for a dose of patriotism.

"The Patriot" as art is acceptable, though a tad too Spielbergian for my tastes.10 Of course, this being Hollywood product, the animating principles get less screen time than the swordplay. However, I applaud Mel Gibson for using his clout to create a blockbuster about the American Revolution, a theme rarely filmed and occasionally prosecuted.11

Even rarer, the movie favorably depicts the Revolution's rank-and-file patriots, who are not only "religious nuts with guns" (to paraphrase P.J. O'Rourke),12 but even Southerners,13 still blood libeled14 by the nation's "anointed"15 six score and 15 years into a "prolonged celebration of a terrible victory."16

In other words, the movie's heroes are akin17 to those slain at Ruby Ridge18 and Waco19 by federal minions, who in turn are closer to the invading units of His Majesty's royal forces.20 (The real-life model for the movie's lead villain was the subject of gushing poetry.21 His modern federal successors have to settle for promotion.)22

Likewise, eminencies of the conservative movement have joined the ranks of critics objecting to the movie: its depictions, themes and assumptions.23 Prominently, William F. Buckley Jr.'s review, in a characteristically tortuous attempt at a column,24 proves yet again that conservatives and socialists have more in common than not.25 Therefore, Pat Buchanan's temporary alliance26 with Marxists27 to control the Reform Party28 is more theoretically compatible than his Beltway brethren can admit.29 The majority of Buchanan's stances remain appalling, though.30

The pundits and policy analysts under the conservative banner who have assailed Buchanan since he left the GOP last year are actually more corrupt than the Republican politicians they advise.31 For example, last year the House of Representatives actually voted to abolish Selective Service, over the objections of their "brain trust."32

Unfortunately, many contemporary patriots have regarded the Republican Party as their vehicle for resisting tyranny. A cursory examination will show the ideals of the American Revolution are as unlikely to be advanced through the GOP's presidential nominee, George W. Bush, as they have been during that party's control of Congress.33

Viable, radical, principled alternatives against the slide into the abyss do exist, however.34 Accordingly, Austin Dispatches proudly endorses Libertarian Party nominee Harry Browne for president.35 A free society is still worth fighting for after 224 years.

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