Austin Dispatches
No. 132
April 25, 2010
As promised, here’s the comprehensive list of the best cultural artifacts of 1969. 

Assuredly, you’re not on some dung-strewn path to Boomernostalgialand, source of that lame, self-exculpating joke among Boomers about not remembering the ‘60s.1 

I was only around for 34 days and my chief concern was clean underwear – something hippies never cottoned to. My earliest verifiable memories are from 1972, involving visits to or from one or the other set of grandparents.2  But then I always was precocious.

Nevertheless, it took 40 years – far too long – to discover most of what’s worthy, and this from an era that’s been culturally strip-mined to exhaustion.3 Even the re-evaluations, corrections and revisions are old.4 

Rolling Stone magazine and other geriatric-oriented media found in medical waiting rooms rigidly use this sort of list as a form of generational breast-beating as they focus on stuff for them, and more infrequently, by them, that usually wasn't any good in the first place, especially if one was sober. That approach ignores the viable work from older people, often from the Golden Age of American Show Business,  and numerous early examples of 1970s work, that don't fit into the full-time Boomer's narrow esthetic-stylistic canon. Obviously, I limited my list to what I like, but if a given work became publicly available during 1969, it's here. 

To paraphrase Henry Adams, 1969 was closer to the time of the Romans than to 2010.5 So it’s the contrast that appears most vivid. Various technae, occupations, cultural artifacts and artistic genres did not exist then. More were under- or unacknowledged, in the sense that people wrote about them, as judged by the pre- and post-1969 entries in the WorldCat union catalog. Since then, a profusion of books have been published about salsa music and various ethnic cuisines, for example. Even with golf, nearly six times as many books have been published about it in my lifetime, as from 1969 back to the mid-18th century, when it was just a bizarre Scottish practice.

Perhaps a devoted reader can discern further patterns within.

I. Film
  1. A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Cinema Center Films/United Feature Syndicate.
  2. Goodbye, Columbus. Willow Tree.
  3. Last Summer. Alsid Productions/Francis Productions.
  4. The Valley of Gwangi. Morningside Productions.
  5. The Virgin Soldiers. Columbia Pictures Corp./Highroad/Open Road.
Note: This sublist excludes “The Wild Bunch,” which definitive director’s cut was unreleased until 1995.6

II. Television
1.    Adam-12. NBC.
2.    The Archie Comedy Hour. CBS.
3.    Captain Kangaroo. CBS.
4.    The Carol Burnett Show. CBS.
5.    The Dick Cavett Show. ABC.
6.    Firing Line. WOR-TV.
7.    Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! CBS.
8.    60 Minutes. CBS.
9.    Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood. National Educational Television (NET).
10.    Monty Python’s Flying Circus. BBC1.
11.    The Pink Panther Show. NBC.
12.    Sesame Street. NET.
13.    The Tonight Show. NBC
III.    Books
  1. Allen, Steve. A Flash of Swallows: New Poems by William Christopher Stevens. Anderson, S.C.: Droke House Publishers.
  2. Auchincloss, Louis. Motiveless Malignity. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.
  3. Benton, William Allen. Whig-Loyalism: An Aspect of Political Ideology in the American Revolutionary Era. Rutherford, N.J.: Fairleigh Dickinson UP.
  4. Bethel, Paul D. The Losers: The Definitive Report, by an Eyewitness, of the Communist Conquest of Cuba and the Soviet Penetration in Latin America. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Arlington House.
  5. Bradbury, Ray. I Sing the Body Electric. New York City: Alfred A. Knopf.
  6. Brinley, Bertrand R. The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists’ Club. Philadelphia: MacRae Smith Co.
  7. Brown, Wallace. The Good Americans: The Loyalists in the American Revolution. New York City: William Morrow and Co.
  8. Bunting, Brian Percy. The Rise of the South African Reich, rev. ed. Harmondsworth, U.K.: Penguin Books.
  9. Caidin, Martin. Anytime, Anywhere. New York City: E.P. Dutton & Co.
  10. Caidin, Martin. The Mendelov Conspiracy. New York City: Meredith Press.
  11. Carle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. New York City: Philomel Books.
  12. Children’s Television Workshop. The Sesame Street Book of Numbers. New York City: Time-Life Books.
  13. Clark, Kenneth. Civilisation: A Personal View. London: British Broadcasting Corp./John Murray.
  14. Considine, Bob. Toots. New York City: Meredith Press.
  15. Copeland, Miles A. Jr. The Game of Nations: The Amorality of Power Politics. London: Weidenfeld & Nicholson.
  16. Cressey, Donald R. Theft of the Nation: The Structure and Operations of Organized Crime in America. New York City: Harper & Row Publishers.
  17. Day, A. Grove. Adventurers of the Pacific. New York City: Meredith Press.
  18. Demaris, Ovid [Ovid Desmarais]. Captive City. New York City: Lyle Stuart.
  19. Demaris, Ovid [Ovid Desmarais]. The Lucky Luciano Story: The Mafioso and the Violent 30's, rev. ed. New York City: Tower.
  20. Fehrenbach, T.R. The Fight for Korea: From the War of 1950 to the Pueblo Incident. New York City: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers.
  21. Flammonde, Paris. The Kennedy Conspiracy: An Uncommissioned Report on the Jim Garrison Investigation. New York City: Meredith Press.
  22. Flashman: From the Flashman Papers 1839-1842. Ed. George MacDonald Fraser. New York City: World Publishing Co.
  23. Fowles, John. The French Lieutenant’s Woman. London: Jonathan Cape.
  24. Gay, Peter, et al. The Age of Enlightenment, rev. ed. New York City: Time-Life Books.
  25. Gill, William J. The Ordeal of Otto Otepka. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Arlington House.
  26. Gysin, Brion [John Clifford Brian Gysin]. The Process. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday.
  27. Hazlitt, Henry. Man vs. the Welfare State. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Arlington House.
  28. Hess, Karl. The Lawless State: A Libertarian View of the Status of Liberty. Lansing, Mich.: Constitutional Alliance.
  29. Himes, Chester. Blind Man With a Pistol. New York City: William Morrow.
  30. Hofstadter, Richard. The Idea of a Party System: The Rise of Legitimate Opposition in the United States, 1780-1840. Berkeley, Calif: U of  California P.
  31. Iceberg Slim [Robert Lee Maupin]. Mama Black Widow. Los Angeles: Holloway House Publishing Co.
  32. Jones, LeRoi. Black Magic: Sabotage, Target Study, Black Art: Collected Poetry, 1961-1967. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Co.
  33. Jones, LeRoi. Four Black Revolutionary Plays: All Praises to the Black Man. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Co.
  34. Kahn, E.J. Jr. Harvard: Through Change and Through Storm. New York City: W.W. Norton & Co.
  35. Keeley, Joseph. The China Lobby Man: The Story of Alfred Kohlberg. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Arlington House.
  36. Kostelanetz, Richard. Master Minds: Portraits of Contemporary Artists and Intellectuals. New York City: Macmillan.
  37. L’Amour, Louis [Louis LaMoore]. The Empty Land. New York City: Bantam Books.
  38. L’Amour, Louis [Louis LaMoore]. The Lonely Men. New York City: Bantam Books.
  39. Mad’s Dave Berg Looks at Modern Thinking. Ed. Albert B. Feldstein. New York City: New American Library.
  40. McGinniss, Joe. The Selling of the President 1968. New York City: Trident Press.
  41. Messick, Hank. Syndicate Abroad. New York City: The Macmillan Co.
  42. Michener, James A. Presidential Lottery: The Reckless Gamble in Our Electoral System. New York City: Random House.
  43. Mockler, Anthony. Histoire des Mercenaires. Trans. Robert Latour. Paris: Éditions Stock. Rpt. Mercenaries. London: Macdonald and Co., 1970; The Mercenaries. New York City: The Macmillan Co., 1970.
  44.  Molnar, Thomas. The Counter-Revolution. New York City: Funk & Wagnalls.
  45. Nisbet, Robert A. Social Change and History: Aspects of the Western Theory of Development. New York City: Oxford UP. Rpt. Metaphor and History: The Western Idea of Social Development. New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 2009.
  46. Overstreet, Harry, and Bonaro Overstreet. The FBI in Our Open Society. New York City: W.W. Norton & Co.
  47. Parrini, Carl P. Heir to Empire: United States Economic Diplomacy, 1916-1923. Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh P.
  48. Patterson, James T. The New Deal and the States: Federalism in Transition. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton UP.
  49. Pendleton, Don. Death Squad. New York City: Pinnacle Books.
  50. Pendleton, Don. The Executioner: War Against the Mafia. New York City: Pinnacle Books.
  51. Perec, Georges. La Disparition. Paris: Editions Denoël. Trans. Gilbert Adair. A Void. London: Harvill, 1994.
  52. Phillips, Kevin P. The Emerging Republican Majority. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Arlington House.
  53. Puzo, Mario. The Godfather. New York City: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.
  54. Reich, Ilse Ollendorff. Wilhelm Reich: A Personal Biography. New York City: St. Martin's Press.
  55. Reid, Ed. The Grim Reapers: The Anatomy of Organized Crime in America. Chicago: Henry Regnery Co.
  56. Richard Scarry’s Great Big Schoolhouse. New York City: Random House.
  57. Ritcheson, Charles R. Aftermath of Revolution: British Policy Toward the United States, 1783-1795. Dallas: Southern Methodist UP.
  58. Rothbard, Murray N. Economic Depressions: Their Causes and Cures. Lansing, Mich.: Constitutional Alliance.
  59. Rushdoony, Rousas J. The Biblical Philosophy of History. Nutley, N.J.: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co.
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  61. Rushdoony, Rousas J. The Myth of Over-Population. Nutley, N.J.: The Craig Press.
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  64. Schulz, Charles M. A Boy Named Charlie Brown. New York City: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
  65. Shirer, William L. The Collapse of the Third Republic: An Inquiry Into the Fall of France in 1940. New York City: Simon and Schuster.
  66. Speer, Albert. Erinnerungen. West Berlin, F.R.G.: Propyläen-Verlag. Trans. Richard Winston and Clara Winston. Inside the Third Reich. New York City: Macmillan, 1970.
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  71. Wiener, Jan G. The Assassination of Heydrich. New York City: Grossman Publishers.
  72. Williams, T. Harry. Huey Long. New York City: Alfred A. Knopf.
  73. Williams, William Appleman. The Roots of the Modern American Empire: A Study of the Growth and Shaping of a Social Consciousness in a Marketplace Society. New York City: Random House.
  74. Wollstein, Jarret B. Society Without Coercion: A New Concept of Social Organization. Silver Spring, Md.: Society for Rational Individualism.
  75. Womack, John Jr. Zapata and the Mexican Revolution. New York City: Alfred A. Knopf.
Note: This sublist omits works by Andrei Amalrik,7 William S. Burroughs,8  Lou Cannon,9 Vine Deloria Jr.,10  Diane di Prima,11  John Gregory Dunne,12  Stanely L. Jaki,13  William Kennedy,14  Elmore Leonard,15  Don Martin,16  Herman Melville,17  Joyce Carol Oates,18  Laurence J. Peter,19  David Reuben,20 Philip Roth,21  Charles M. Schulz,22  John Updike,23  Gore Vidal,24  and Gordon S. Wood25  that were later revised, corrected or included in definitive compilations.

IV.    Audio
  1. Abrams, Muhal Richard. Young at Heart/Wise in Time. Delmark.
  2. Cannonball Adderley Quintet. Country Preacher: “Live” at Operation Breadbasket. Capitol.
  3. Allison, Mose. … Hello There, Universe. Atlantic.
  4. The Ambassadors. Soul Summit. Arctic.
  5. Ammons, Gene. The Boss Is Back! Prestige.
  6. Ammons, Gene. Brother Jug! Prestige.
  7. The Art Ensemble of Chicago. A Jackson in Your House. BYG Actuel.
  8. The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Live in Paris. BYG Actuel.
  9. The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Message to Our Folks. BYG Actuel.
  10. The Art Ensemble of Chicago. People in Sorrow. Nessa.
  11. The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Reese and the Smooth Ones. BYG Actuel.
  12. The Artistics. What Happened. Brunswick.
  13. Ayler, Albert. Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe. Impulse!
  14. Baden-Baden Free Jazz Orchestra. Gittin’ to Know Y’All. MPS.
  15. Barbieri, Gato. The Third World. Flying Dutchman.
  16. Barretto, Ray. Head Sounds. Fania.
  17. Bartz, Gary. Another Earth. Milestone.
  18. Bataan, Joe [Peter Nitollano]. Subway Joe. Fania.
  19. Bossa Rio. A&M.
  20. Brecker, Randy. Score. Solid State.
  21. The Brothers: Isley. T Neck.
  22. Brown, Charles. Legend. BluesWay.
  23. Brown, James. Gettin’ Down to It. King.
  24. Brown, James. Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud. King.
  25. Brown, Ruth. Black Is Brown and Brown Is Beautiful. Skye.
  26. Byard, Jaki. Solo Piano. Prestige.
  27. Byrd, Donald. Fancy Free. Blue Note.
  28. Carey Bell’s Blues Harp. Delmark.
  29. John Carter and Bobby Bradford’s New Art Jazz Ensemble. Seeking. Revelation.
  30. Chacon: Su Orquesta y Su Sabor. Alegre.
  31. Chicago. Chicago Transit Authority. Columbia.
  32. Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band. Fellini 712. MPS.
  33. Coleman, Ornette. Crisis. Impulse!
  34. Colón, Willie, and Héctor LaVoe [Héctor Perez]. Guisando (“Doing a Job”). Fania.
  35. Coltrane, Alice. Huntington Ashram Monastery. Impulse!
  36. Criss, Sonny. I’ll Catch the Sun! Prestige.
  37. Cruz, Celia, and Tito Puente. Quimbo Quimbumbia. Tico.
  38. DeJohnette, Jack. The DeJohnette Complex. Milestone.
  39. The Delfonics. The Sound of Sexy Soul. Philly Groove.
  40. The Diverse Yusef Lateef. Atlantic.
  41. Dr. John [Malcolm John Rebbenack Jr.]. Babylon. Atco.
  42. Dollar Brand [Adolph Johannes Brand]. African Sketchbook. Enja.
  43. Don Rickles Speaks! Warner Bros.
  44. Donaldson, Lou. Hot Dog. Blue Note.
  45. The Doug Carn Trio. Savoy.
  46. Earl Hines at Home. Delmark.
  47. Duke Ellington’s 70th Birthday Concert. Solid State.
  48. Sleepy John Estes. Electric Sleep. Delmark.
  49. Everett, Betty. There’ll Come a Time. Universal City.
  50. The Fabulous Slide Hampton Quartet. Pathé Marconi.
  51. Finally, Betty Carter. Roulette.
  52. Fitzgerald, Ella. Sunshine of Your Love. MPS.
  53. Flack, Roberta. First Take. Atlantic.
  54. Fountain, Clarence. Soul Gospel. Jewel.
  55. Franklin, Aretha. Soul ’69. Atlantic.
  56. Freeman, George. Birth Sign. Delmark.
  57. Gilberto Gil (Cérebro Eletrônico). Phillips.
  58. Green, Grant. Carryin’ On. Blue Note.
  59. Green, Grant. Goin’ West. Blue Note.
  60. Guaraldi, Vince. Alma-Ville. Warner Bros.
  61. Haden, Charlie. Liberation Music Orchestra. Impulse!
  62. Hampel, Gunter. The 8th of July. Birth/Flying Dutchman.
  63. HAR-YOU Percussion Group. Sounds of the Ghetto Youth. ESP-Disk.
  64. Harris, Eddie. Free Speech. Atlantic.
  65. Harris, Eddie. High Voltage. Atlantic.
  66. Hayes, Isaac. Hot Buttered Soul. Enterprise.
  67. Hooker, Earl. Two Bugs & a Roach. Arhoolie.
  68. Hooker, John Lee. Get Back Home in the USA. Black & Blue.
  69. Hooker, John Lee. Simply the Truth. BluesWay.
  70. Hubbard, Freddie. The Black Angel. Atlantic.
  71. Hutch, Willie. Soul Portrait. RCA.
  72. Hutcherson, Bobby. Total Eclipse. Blue Note.
  73. ‘Igginbottom’s Wrench. Deram.
  74. It’s Nice to Be With You: Jim Hall in Berlin. MPS.
  75. Jacquet, Illinois. The Blues, That’s Me! Prestige.
  76. Jacquet, Illinois. The Soul Explosion. Prestige.
  77. James, Elmore, and John Brim. Whose Muddy Shoes. Chess.
  78. The Jaki Byard Experience. Prestige.
  79. Jefferson, Eddie. Come Along With Me. Prestige.
  80. The Johnnie Taylor Philosophy Continues. Stax.
  81. Johnny Winter. Columbia.
  82. Jones, Joe [Ivan Jones]. Boogaloo Joe. Prestige.
  83. Jones, Quincy. Walking in Space. A&M.
  84. Jorge Ben. Phonogram.
  85. Joyce [Joyce Silveira Palhano de Jesus]. Encontro Marcado. Phillips.
  86. Kessel, Barney. Feeling Free. Contemporary.
  87. King, Albert. Years Gone By. Stax.
  88. King, B.B. [Riley King]. Completely Well. BluesWay.
  89. King, B.B. Live and Well. BluesWay.
  90. King Crimson. In the Court of the Crimson King. Island.
  91. King Nando. Unpredictable Sounds. Alegre.
  92. Kloss, Eric. In the Land of the Giants. Prestige.
  93. Kynard, Charles. The Soul Brotherhood. Prestige.
  94. Lee Konitz Quintet. Peacemeal. Milestone.
  95. La Lupe [Guadalupe Yoli]. Definitely La Yi Yi Yi. Tico.
  96. La Lupe Es la Reina (The Queen). Tico.
  97. Lacy, Steve [Steven Norman Lackritz]. Moon. BYG Actuel.
  98. Lee, Peggy [Norma Deloris Engstrom]. Is That All There Is? Capitol.
  99. Mabern, Harold. Workin’ and Wailin’. Prestige.
  100. Machito and His Orchestra. Soul of Machito. Cotique.
  101. The Mad Lads. The Mad, Mad, Mad Lads. Volt.
  102. The Many Facets of David Newman. Atlantic.
  103. Maria Bethânia. Odeon.
  104. Mays, The Rev. Oris. The Milky White Way. Jewel.
  105. McCann, Les, and Eddie Harris. Swiss Movement. Atlantic.
  106. McDuff, Brother Jack. Down Home Style. Blue Note.
  107. McDuff, Brother Jack. Gin and Orange. Cadet.
  108. McDuff, Brother Jack. Moon Rappin’. Blue Note.
  109. McFarland, Gary. America the Beautiful. Skye.
  110. McIntyre, Maurice. Humility in the Light Of the Creator. Delmark.
  111. McPherson, Charles. Horizons. Prestige.
  112. McShann, Jay. Confessin’ the Blues. Black & Blue.
  113. Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66. Crystal Illusions. A&M.
  114. Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66. Ye-Me-Le. A&M.
  115. The Meters. Josie.
  116. Mobley, Hank. The Flip. Blue Note.
  117. Moffett, Charles. The Gift. Savoy.
  118. Moody, James. Don’t Look Away Now! Prestige.
  119. Moody, James. The Blues and Other Colors. Milestone.
  120. Morgan, Lee. Charisma. Blue Note.
  121. Morgan, Lee. The Sixth Sense. Blue Note.
  122. Murray, Sunny. An Even Break (Never Give a Sucker). BYG Actuel.
  123. Murray, Sunny. Sunshine. BYG Actuel.
  124. Nance, Ray. Body and Soul. Solid State.
  125. Nascimento, Milton. Courage. CTI/A&M.
  126. Nelson, Oliver, Nobuo Hara, and Sharps and Flats. 3…2…1…0. CBS Sony.
  127. Newborn, Phineas Jr. Harlem Blues. Contemporary.
  128. Newborn, Phineas Jr. Please Send Me Someone to Love. Contemporary.
  129. Nico [Christa Päffgen]. The Marble Index. Elektra.
  130. The O’Jays in Philadelphia. Neptune.
  131. The 107th Street Stickball Team. Saboreando: Pot Full of Soul. Dorado.
  132. Orchestra Harlow. Me and My Monkey (Mi Mono y Yo). Fania.
  133. The Outlaw Blues Band. Breaking In. BluesWay.
  134. Person, Houston. Goodness! Prestige.
  135. Oscar Peterson Trio, and Herb Ellis. Hello, Herbie. MPS.
  136. Pete Rodriguez and His Orchestra. Latin Soul Man. Alegre.
  137. Palmieri, Eddie. Champagne. Tico.
  138. Palmieri, Eddie. Justicia. Tico.
  139. Phillips, Sonny. Sure ‘Nuff. Prestige.
  140. Redman, Dewey. Tarik. BYG Actuel.
  141. Chollo Rivera and The Latin Soul Drives. By Chollo. Cotique.
  142. Ismael Rivera y Sus Cachimbos. Controversia. Tico.
  143. Ralph Robles Was Here. Fania.
  144. The Return of Tal Farlow/1969. Prestige.
  145. Rush, Otis. Mourning in the Morning. Cotillion.
  146. Rusty Bryant Returns. Prestige.
  147. Sanders, Pharaoh [Ferrell Sanders]. Jewels of Thought. Impulse!
  148. Sanders, Pharaoh. Karma. Impulse!
  149. Scott, Jimmy. The Source. Atlantic.
  150. Shaw, Marlena. The Spice of Life. Cadet.
  151. Shepp, Archie. Blasé. BYG Actuel.
  152. Shepp, Archie. Live at the Pan-African Festival. BYG Actuel.
  153. Shepp, Archie. Poem for Malcolm. BYG Actuel.
  154. Shepp, Archie. Yasmina, a Black Woman. BYG Actuel.
  155. Short, Bobby. Jump for Joy. Atlantic.
  156. Silver, Horace. You Gotta Take a Little Love. Blue Note.
  157. Sly & The Family Stone. Stand! Epic.
  158. Smith, Johnny “Hammond.” Soul Talk. Prestige.
  159. Smith, Lonnie. Move Your Hand. Blue Note.
  160. Smith, Lonnie. Turning Point. Blue Note.
  161. Stitt, Sonny. Night Letter. Prestige.
  162. Taylor, Cecil. Nuits De La Fondation Maeght. Shandar.
  163. Taylor, Johnnie. Raw Blues. Stax.
  164. Third Ear Band. Alchemy. Harvest.
  165. This Is Ann Peebles. Hi.
  166. Tito Puente en el Puente (On the Bridge). Tico.
  167. Tjader, Cal. The Prophet. Verve.
  168. Tyner, McCoy. Time for Tyner. Blue Note.
  169. Valentín, Bobby. Se la Comió. Fania.
  170. Caetano Veloso (Irene). Phillips.
  171. Vinson, Eddie “Cleanhead.” Old Kidney Stew Is Fine. Black & Blue.
  172. Vitous, Miroslav. Infinite Search. Embryo.
  173. Voices of Africa: High-Life and Other Popular Music. Nonesuch.
  174. Mal Waldron Trio. Free at Last. ECM.
  175. Walker, Scott [Noel Scott Engel]. Scott 3. Phillips.
  176. Walker, Scott. Scott 4. Phillips.
  177. Walker, T-Bone. Everyday I Have the Blues. BluesWay.
  178. Walton, Cedar. The Electric Boogaloo Song. Prestige.
  179. Walton, Cedar. Soul Cycle. Prestige.
  180. Waters, Muddy [McKinley Morganfield]. Fathers & Sons. Chess.
  181. Webster, Ben. Blow Ben Blow. EMI-Odeon.
  182. Wells, Junior [Amos Wells Blakemore Jr.]. Sings Live at The Golden Bear. Blue Rock.
  183. Whitney, Marva. It’s My Thing. King.
  184. Tony Williams Lifetime. Emergency! Vol. 1-2. Polydor.
  185. Wilson, Reuben. Blue Mode. Blue Note.
  186. Winter, Johnny. Second Winter. Columbia.
  187. Wonder, Stevie [Steveland Hardaway Judkins]. My Cherie Amour. Tamla.
  188. Yusef Lateef’s Detroit – Latitude 42° 30’ Longitude 83°. Atlantic.
  189. Zoller, Attila. Gypsy Cry. Atlantic.
Note: This sublist excludes both recordings from 1969 released later, and releases later included in comprehensive CDs or box sets (e.g., Laurel Aitken,26  Bobby “Blue” Bland,27  Blood, Sweat & Tears,28 Don Bryant,29  the Paul Butterfield Blues Band,30 Don Cherry,31 Cold Blood,32 Albert Collins,33 Chick Corea,34 Kenny Cox,35 Miles Davis,36 Margie Day,37 Lowell Fulson,38 Dexter Gordon,39 Buddy Guy,40 Herbie Hancock,41 Rufus Harley,42 Richard Harris,43 Joe Henderson,44 Jimmy Hughes,45 Elvin Jones,46 the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra,47  Freddie King,48 Little Walter,49 Grachan Moncur III,50 Duke Pearson,51 Jean-Luc Ponty,52 Elis Regina,53 Jimmy Scott,54 Frank Sinatra,55 Gerald Wilson,56 and Larry Young.)57

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