Austin Dispatches No. 132 April 25, 2010


As promised, here’s the comprehensive list of the best cultural artifacts of 1969. [1]

Assuredly, you’re not on some dung-strewn path to Boomernostalgialand, source of that lame, self-exculpating joke among Boomers about not remembering the ‘60s.[2]

I was only around for 34 days and my chief concern was clean underwear – something hippies never cottoned to. My earliest verifiable memories are from 1972, involving visits to or from one or the other set of grandparents.[3] But then I always was precocious.

Nevertheless, it took 40 years – far too long – to discover most of what’s worthy, and this from an era that’s been culturally strip-mined to exhaustion.[4] Even the re-evaluations, corrections and revisions are old.[5]

Rolling Stone magazine and other geriatric-oriented media found in medical waiting rooms rigidly use this sort of list as a form of generational breast-beating as they focus on stuff for them, and more infrequently, by them, that usually wasn't any good in the first place, especially if one was sober.[6] That approach ignores the viable work from older people, often from the Golden Age of American Show Business,[7] and numerous early examples of 1970s work, that don't fit into the full-time Boomer's narrow esthetic-stylistic canon. Obviously, I limited my list to what I like, but as long as a given work became publicly available during 1969, it's there.

The contrast appears most vividly to me. To paraphrase Henry Adams, 1969 was closer to the time of the Romans than it is to 2010.[8] Various technae, occupations, cultural artifacts and artistic genres did not exist then. More were under- or unacknowledged, in the sense that people wrote about them, as judged by the pre- and post-1969 entries in the WorldCat union catalog. Since then, a profusion of books have been published about salsa music and various ethnic cuisines, for example. Even with golf, nearly six times as many books have been published about it in my lifetime, as from 1969 back to the mid-18th century, when it was just a bizarre Scottish practice.

Perhaps a devoted reader can discern further patterns within.

  1. Miscellaneous

1.      fajita[9]

2.      glue stick

3.      Manwich

4.      Nutter Butter

5.      Tic Tac

6.      Zanotta Marcuso coffee table[10]


II.          Television

  1. Adam-12. NBC.
  2. The Archie Comedy Hour. CBS.
  3. The Archie Show. CBS.
  4. Captain Kangaroo. CBS.
  5. The Carol Burnett Show. CBS.
  6. The Dick Cavett Show. ABC.
  7. Firing Line. WOR-TV.
  8. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! CBS.
  9. 60 Minutes. CBS.
  10. Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood. National Educational Television (NET).
  11. Monty Python’s Flying Circus. BBC1.
  12. The Pink Panther Show. NBC.
  13. Sesame Street. NET.
  14. The Tonight Show. NBC.
  15. Wild Kingdom. NBC.

III.  Film

  1. La Battaglia di El Alamein (The Battle of El Alamein). Zenith Cinematografica /Les Films Corona.
  2. Battle of Britain. Spitfire Productions.
  3. A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Cinema Center Films/United Feature Syndicate.
  4. Castle Keep. Filmways Pictures/Avala Film.
  5. The Cycle Savages. Maurice Smith-Ray Dorn Productions.
  6. Django il Bastardo (Django the Bastard). Società Europea Produzioni Associate Cinematografiche (SEPAC)/Tigielle 33.
  7. Due Volte Giuda (They Were Called Graveyard). Colt Produzioni Cinematografiche/Medusa Distribuzione/Producciones Cinematográficas Balcázar.
  8. Fellini - Satyricon. Produzioni Europee Associati (PEA).
  9. Fräulein Doktor. Avala Film/Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica.
  10. Gli Intoccabili (Machine Gun McCain). Euro International Film (EIA)/Euroatlantica.
  11. Goodbye, Columbus. Willow Tree.
  12. Hard Contract. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
  13. Hell’s Angels ’69. Tracom Productions/American International Pictures (AIP).
  14. High School. Osti Productions.
  15. Katzelmacher. Antiteater-X-Film.
  16. Last Summer. Alsid Productions/Francis Productions.                         
  17. Luo Xie (Raw Passions). Shaw Brothers.
  18. Ma Nuit Chez Maud (My Night With Maud). FFD/Les Films de la Pléiade/Les Films des Deux Mondes/Les Films du Carrosse/Les Films du Losange/Les Productions de la Guéville/Renn Productions/Simar Films/Société Française de Production (SFP)/Two World Entertainment.
  19. Model Shop. Columbia Pictures Corp.
  20. More. Jet Films/Les Films du Losange.
  21. La Piscine (The Swimming Pool). Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC)/Tritone Cinematografica.
  22. Il Pistolero dell’Ave Maria (Forgotten Pistolero). B.R.C. Produzione S.r.l./Ízaro Films.
  23. Pit Stop. Jack Hill Productions.
  24. Play Dirty. Lowndes Productions.
  25. The Racing Scene. Cherokee Productions/Filmways Pictures.
  26. Riot. William Castle Productions.
  27. Salesman. Maysles Films.
  28. Si Jiao (Dead End). Shaw Brothers.
  29. Sono Sartana, il Vostro Becchino (I’ll Dig Your Grave). Società Ambrosiana Cinematografica (SAC).
  30. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? American Broadcasting Co. (ABC)/Palomar Pictures.
  31. Una Sull'altra (One on Top of the Other). Empire Films - Rome/Productions Jacques Roitfeld - Paris/CC Trebol Film - Madrid.
  32. Where It's At. Frank Ross Productions/TFT Productions.
  33. The Valley of Gwangi. Morningside Productions.
  34. The Virgin Soldiers. Columbia Pictures Corp./Highroad/Open Road.
  35. Yin Yang Dao (Twin Blades of Doom). Shaw Brothers.

Note: This sublist excludes “The Wild Bunch,” which definitive director’s cut was unreleased until 1995.

IV. Books

  1. Alexander, Martha. The Story Grandmother Told. New York City: The Dial Press.
  2. Allen, Steve. A Flash of Swallows: New Poems by William Christopher Stevens. Anderson, S.C.: Droke House Publishers.
  3. Allen, Woody [Allan Stewart Konigsberg]. Play It Again, Sam: A Romantic Comedy in Three Acts. New York City: Samuel French.
  4. Atkin, Ronald. Revolution!: Mexico 1910-20. London: Macmillan.
  5. Auchincloss, Louis. Motiveless Malignity. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.
  6. Barnard, John. From Evangelicism to Progressivism at Oberlin College, 1866-1917. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State UP.
  7. Barnes, Peter. The Ruling Class: A Baroque Comedy. Frankfurt, F.R.G.: Moritz Diesterweg.
  8. Beer, Francis A. Integration and Disintegration in NATO: Processes of Alliance Cohesion and Prospects for Atlantic Community. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State UP.
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  12. Brackett, Leigh. Silent Partner. New York City: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.
  13. Bradbury, Ray. I Sing the Body Electric. New York City: Alfred A. Knopf.
  14. Brinley, Bertrand R. The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists’ Club. Philadelphia: MacRae Smith Co.
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Note: This sublist omits works by Peter R. Ackroyd et al.,[11] Andrei Amalrik,[12] Rex Applegate,[13] Lawrence Block,[14] William S. Burroughs,[15] Jack T. Chick,[16] Vine Deloria Jr.,[17] Diane di Prima;[18] Robert Descharnes, Clovis Prévost, and Francesc Pujols;[19] Zygmund Dobbs,[20] John Gregory Dunne,[21] Edward J. Epstein,[22] Robert Frank,[23] Brian Garfield,[24] Frances Gies and Joseph Gies,[25] Ernest Hemingway,[26] Stanely L. Jaki,[27] Robert Kelley,[28] William Kennedy,[29] Elmore Leonard,[30] Vic Lockman,[31] Don Martin,[32] Herman Melville,[33] Joyce Carol Oates,[34] Laurence J. Peter,[35] J.G. Randall et al.,[36] David Reuben,[37] Ayn Rand,[38] Ishmael Reed,[39] Philip Roth,[40] Charles M. Schulz,[41] Mickey Spillane,[42] Lionel Tiger,[43] the University of Chicago,[44] John Updike,[45] Gore Vidal,[46] Frederick Lewis Weis et al.,[47] Laird Wilcox,[48] and Gordon S. Wood[49] that were later revised, corrected or included in definitive compilations.

V.  Audio

1.      Adams, Pepper. Encounter! Prestige.

2.      Cannonball Adderley Quintet. Country Preacher: “Live” at Operation Breadbasket. Capitol.

3.      Ahmad Jamal at the Top: Poinciana Revisited. Impulse!

4.      Allen, Dave “The Man” [David Stitch]. Color Blind. International Artists.

5.      The Ambassadors. Soul Summit. Arctic.

6.      Ammons, Gene. The Boss Is Back! Prestige.

7.      The Art Ensemble of Chicago. A Jackson in Your House. BYG Actuel.

8.      The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Message to Our Folks. BYG Actuel.

9.      The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Reese and the Smooth Ones. BYG Actuel.

10.   The Art Ensemble of Chicago. The Spiritual. Freedom.

11.   The Artistics. What Happened. Brunswick.

12.   Ayler, Albert. Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe. Impulse!

13.   Barretto, Ray. Together. Fania.

14.   Bartz, Gary. Another Earth. Milestone.

15.   Basie, Count. Standing Ovation. Dot.

16.   Count Basie and His Orchestra. Basic Basie. MPS/BASF.

17.   Carey Bell’s Blues Harp. Delmark.

18.   Benson, George. Tell It Like It Is. A&M.

19.   The Big Bands/1933. Prestige.

20.   Bloomfield, Michael. Live at Bill Graham’s Fillmore West. Columbia.

21.   Booker T. and the MGs. Up Tight. Stax.

22.   Braxton, Anthony. B-XO NO-47A. BYG Actuel.

23.   Brecker, Randy. Score. Solid State.

24.   Brown, Charles. Legend. BluesWay.

25.   Brown, James. Gettin’ Down to It. King.

26.   Brown, James. It’s a Mother. King.

27.   Brown, James. Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud. King.

28.   James Brown Band. The Popcorn. King.

29.   Brown, Ruth. Black Is Brown and Brown Is Beautiful. Skye.

30.   The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Keep on Moving. Elektra.

31.   Byard, Jaki. Solo Piano. Prestige.

32.   Byrd, Donald. Fancy Free. Blue Note.

33.   The Doug Carn Trio. Savoy.

34.   John Carter and Bobby Bradford Quartet. Flight for Four. Flying Dutchman.

35.   Chacon: Su Orquesta y Su Sabor. Alegre.

36.   Cherry, Don. Eternal Rhythm. MPS.

37.   Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band. Fellini 712. MPS.

38.   Collins, Albert. Alive & Cool. Red Lightnin’.

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41.   Coltrane, Alice. Huntington Ashram Monastery. Impulse!

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43.   Larry Coryell. Coryell. Vanguard.

44.   Cosby, Bill. It’s True! It’s True! Warner Bros.

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46.   Criss, Sonny. I’ll Catch the Sun! Prestige.

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53.   The Diverse Yusef Lateef. Atlantic.

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55.   Don Rickles Speaks! Warner Bros.

56.   Donaldson, Lou. Hot Dog. Blue Note.

57.   Donaldson, Lou. Say It Loud! Blue Note.

58.   The Dynamics. First Landing. Cotillion.

59.   Duke Ellington’s 70th Birthday Concert. Solid State.

60.   Sleepy John Estes. Electric Sleep. Delmark.

61.   Everett, Betty. There’ll Come a Time. Universal City.

62.   The Fabulous Slide Hampton Quartet. Pathé Marconi.

63.   The 5th Dimension. The Age of Aquarius. Soul City.

64.   Finally, Betty Carter. Roulette.

65.   Firesign Theatre. How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You’re Not Anywhere at All? Columbia.

66.   Fitzgerald, Ella. Sunshine of Your Love. MPS.

67.   Flack, Roberta. First Take. Atlantic.

68.   Fontaine, Brigitte, Areski [Areski Belkacem], and The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Comme à la Radio. Saravah.

69.   Fountain, Clarence. Soul Gospel. Jewel.

70.   Franklin, Aretha. Soul ’69. Atlantic.

71.   Freeman, George. Birth Sign. Delmark.

72.   The Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Big Band. 20th and 30th Anniversary. MPS.

73.   Gordon, Dexter, and Slide Hampton. A Day in Copenhagen. MPS.

74.   Green, Grant. Goin’ West. Blue Note.

75.   Griffin, Johnny. The Man I Love. Polydor.

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77.   Hampel, Gunter. The 8th of July. Birth/Flying Dutchman.

78.   HAR-YOU Percussion Group. Sounds of the Ghetto Youth. ESP-Disk.

79.   Harris, Eddie. High Voltage. Atlantic.

80.   Harris, Eddie. Silver Cycles. Atlantic.

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87.   Hutcherson, Bobby. Total Eclipse. Blue Note.

88.   ‘Igginbottom’s Wrench. Deram.

89.   It’s Nice to Be With You: Jim Hall in Berlin. MPS.

90.   Jackson, Melvin. Funky Skull. Limelight.

91.   Jacquet, Illinois. The Blues, That’s Me! Prestige.

92.   Jacquet, Illinois. The Soul Explosion. Prestige.

93.   James, Elmore, and John Brim. Whose Muddy Shoes. Chess.

94.   The Jaki Byard Experience. Prestige.

95.   Keith Jarrett Trio. Somewhere Before. Vortex.

96.   Jefferson, Eddie. Come Along With Me. Prestige.

97.   The Johnnie Taylor Philosophy Continues. Stax.

98.   Johnny Winter. Columbia.

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