As we discussed, my maternal grandmother shipped me my late grandfather’s neckties. I spent a couple of hours during Labor Day weekend sorting through them and removing the vichyssoise stains with a cold wash liquid cleaner.1 I noted the overlap in taste, although we only discussed apparel perhaps twice in all our conversations, and that after I’d already figured out how I wanted to dress.2 The difference is in his cravat color choices: more maroon, burgundy and flax.

Petits Guignols

By chance, I encountered LP congressional candidate Matt Finkel in my neighborhood grocery.
3 He wanted to know why I hadn’t been attending LP functions lately. He seemed to have trouble understanding my explanation, and what he did understand he resisted with standard talking points of the Libertarian “Reform” Caucus.

Finkel told me that he had trouble reading through the pre-Portland platform, which doesn’t speak well of his reading comprehension or his understanding of libertarianism. He’s a nice guy, but his arguments for the gutting of the platform, for example, were no more persuasive or substantive than anything on his Web site.
4  He’ll fit in Congress just fine. In fact, the longer I think about our conversation, the less likely I am to vote for him in November. He’s too prone to going along to get along. If these people resisted the State half as much as they resist fixing the problems they’ve caused since the Portland convention, we wouldn’t have big government.

While its current dictator, that alcoholic ex-cheerleader nitwit,
5  kowtowed to the Red Chinese financiers of his ruinous policies,6 the debt-ridden Democrats nominated Barack Hussein Obama in a garrison state version of Denver.7 So seven years into the undeclared War on Terror, a coke-snorting, red-diaper, crypto-Muslim foreign bastard from a screwed-up family has impressively become a serious contender for president.8 I mean, if we accept the current administration’s rationales, shouldn’t guards be doing to Obama what Jesse Jackson wanted, in some overseas detention camp, just to be safe?9 At least he's not Hillary Clinton.10

But his biggest problem, and one that’ll hurt both his presidency and us, is that he’s too wedded to the failed policies and paradigms of previous generations. If he were really about “change,” the way he’s yammered since the start of his campaign, he’d sound like a carbon copy of Ron Paul.
11 In fact, the only thing I like about Obama is his age, which puts him in the same generation as me, according to the people who've done the research.  Nevertheless, Obama’ll be a bigger disappointment to our generation than Nick Gillespie and his flunkies.12 

So much for Obama’s good points. His running mate, U.S. Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, is a fast-talking mick hustler prone to running at the mouth.
13 In other words, members of the two most dysfunctional, disorderly, and improvident ethnies in America represent the Democratic ticket.14

(Disclaimer: The above commentary should not be inferred as a tacit endorsement of Mad Dog McCain,  or for that matter, Bob Barr and his running mate, Wayne Allyn Schmuck.)

Cultural Canapés

The Ian Fleming Estate has revived James Bond with a new author. In “Devil May Care,” set in the mid-‘60s, the archvillain rationalizes his archvillainy by talking like Noam Chomsky, only not as dull.

Steve Martin – yes, that Steve Martin – co-wrote and produced “Traitor,” a serious thriller about some wild and crazy guys. It’s a good flick, even though the Muslim protagonist lives at the end.

Austin Death Watch

Austin City Manager Marc Ott has concluded that a fourth of all City streets are in bad condition. He must get around.

The University of Texas Accessibility Institute closed in late August – thereby becoming inaccessible. Spokeswoman Helen Keller was unavailable for comment.

Neighborhood News

National Instruments has teamed up with Lego to create a robot that young children can assemble and program. WeDo will be available only to schools, probably because parents don’t want a cookie-sneaking automaton underfoot.
20 From this, it’s just a baby step to the kids creating robots with a replicating rapid-prototyper.21

Complete Insurance Solutions has moved into the Gracy Farms Center strip mall.

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